- CMR Substances-free
Our formulation do not contain carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic reproduction substances

- Nanomaterials-free
We do not use any nanomaterials as ingredients or raw materials. Nanoparticles from varoius cosmeceutical products applied on skin can have toxic effects if it gets absorbed into the blood stream. If nanoparticles are inhaled and consumed accidentally or absorbed through skin, they could cause skin and lung damage and organ toxicity or can harm unborn children. However, the cosmeceutical industry debates that consumer risks are low, as there is no evidence that nanoparticles from product penetrate healthy, intact adult skin. 

Truly Vegan Nail Polish

276 - Radiant

$ 15.00
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Product Code: 276

Our newly introduced Vegan nail polish comes in 36 beautiful shades. 
These new shades will enable consumers to choose our collection for all occasions.
Be it grand wedding reception, jazzy party, office settings, outdoor events and just casual home indulgence, we have every shades to keep your nails trendy. 

We are also proud that we have not just one, but FOUR variations of Nude!
Check out shades Nude 1, Nude 2, Nude 3, Nude 4.

Vegan and Pure Pro-Ecology

- Pro-Ecology
Toxic chemicals found in nail polish can do serious damage to our health and environment.

Purity of Water
Water-based formulas incorporate non-synthetic pigments and aqueous acrylic polymers, plus they are also odorless.

Our formulation does not contain any animals derived ingredient. We are a cruelty-free company and do not test our ingredients and products on animals. 

Non-toxic formulations
The technical properties

Our non-toxic formulation DO NOT contain: 
- Poisonous materials
- Hormone
- Biological bovine
- Ovine
- Caprine extract with regards to transfer of BSE/TSE infectious agents


Three Beauties nail polish DO NOT contain these toxic chemicals:
- Formaldehyde
- Toluene
- Dibutyl phthalates
- Camphor
- Xylene
- Trypheyl (TPHP)
- Ethyl toslyamide
- Formaldehyde resin
- Paraben


We do not use any animal-derived ingredients nor we test our products on animals.

We do not use any animal-derived ingredients nor do we test our products on animals   Product made in USA

Instructions for use
Step 1: Clean the nail plate with Remove Plus (Remove) nail polish remover and nail plate cleaner.
Step 2. Apply 1 - 2 layer of the vegan nail polish.
Step 3: Allow product to dry completely for full effect for about 2 minutes.

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