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Thu, 2013-11-21



Not too long ago, Three Beauties released Love Your Nails!, a line of nail-care treatment products that serve as solutions to a varying range of nail problems we typically face. From dry, ragged cuticles to soft and brittle nails that peel easily, Three Beauties has got it all covered.

Some say an immaculate manicure is the finishing touch to looking well put-together; however, a lasting manicure doesn’t come by without time and effort. The first step is simply to care for your nails. With such an extensive array of treatment solutions by Three Beauties, prepping those claws of yours to be in the best shape for slathering on nail polish doesn’t get any easier.

Oh, and did we mention? The Love Your Nails! treatment range does not contain any traces of Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, nor Camphor, harmful chemicals that are commonly found in many nail products that help in achieving the desired finish and lasting effect. An additional 10 points!





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Love Your Nails x Asian Persuasion Widya

Thu, 2013-11-21

As my peers start to reproduce at an alarming rate, they start avoiding all sorts of beauty products for the safety of their unborn children. This includes deoderant. Oh lord. But hey, doesn’t matter if she smells – as long as her nails look good while she’s clawing her husband’s arm in the delivery room.

I digress. So anyway, I really want to give an unbiased review of the this nail treatment! I honestly can’t afford to get my nails done at the salon regularly because I’d rather spend $45 on Korean BBQ, than an hour at the manicurist, inhaling all kinds of fumes when I could be inhaling the scent of marbled beef just burning at the mercy of my hotplate.

So it was godsend to receive a package of the latest THREE BEAUTIES nail treatment range!  Here’s a photo of my nails before, and a week after using their Nail Rebuilding Protein





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