Customer Care


1. Customer care is the heart of our business and one of the primary reasons why the brand has lasted for more than 50 years is the attention we pay to minor details to satisfy our customers.

2. We pride ourselves by not using toxic ingredients, not testing our products on animals and in the case of nail lacquers, we have ensured that the product is pregnancy safe.

3. It appears that there is clearly a lack of knowledge for consumers to understand the importance or caring for their nails and the harm caused by toxic ingredients.

4. We will endeavor to educate the consumers and will continue to do so in areas where there is clearly a lack of awareness for using products that contain certain ingredients.

5. While we do not claim that we are able to offer consumers solutions for every nail care problem, we will continue to update our site with relevant information as and when this becomes available and necessary.

6. We have introduced the "TRY ME" simulator to enable you to test how each and every nail lacquer color transforms onto your nail, taking into account the length of your nail and the complexion of your fingers/hands.

7. As we have highlighted in point 4 in our Terms & Conditions, we need to reiterate that the colors and shades as shown may differ from what you see on the screen when compared to the actual product. The resolutions differ from screen to screen and will also depend on the angle of the screen when the colors and shades are applied onto the simulated finger nails.

Three Beauties will endeavor to match as closely as possible, to the actual colors and shades. In the event that the purchaser on receiving the actual products find it to be different, we encourage that you communicate with us via